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some people at my job need to understand that on work hours,one can not use their phones.Honestly my bosses should do what I would(if in their situation):tell you once to get off the phone and if I catch you again, you’re done for the day and you need to sign out.

just read Myūto’s letter to his ex(who is called A in the story) and I can’t even hate on his(alleged) handwriting.My Japanese(when written) looks way worse lol.
as for the story(which I just read.I was actually able to understand at least 60 percent of it when the handwriting of the letter is concerned) concerning Myūto is pretty darn bad if you ask me.Poor girl all she does now is sit in her room and cry her eyes out(which I completely understand why when you think about the story).
But seriously Johnny-San really really needs to put his artists on sexual responsibility something serious.
speaking of Johnny’s,since when was Nakayama Yūma one of his スペオキ?

I’m mad this random guy is really trying to convince me to try to start to date men when I’ve bluntly told him I have no interest in dating men(and even if, I wouldn’t date him that’s for sure.).He keeps saying that he will make me like him because he’s so special.And what’s that supposed to mean? I still don’t care.
if there’s one thing I can’t stand,it’s men who will not take no for an answer no matter how blunt you have to be

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