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Trujillo really fucked the cultural identity of the DR up. Like completely and thoroughly.

How you got two countries on the same fucking island, both descended from enslaved Africans, one is Francophone, the other Spanish and Taino speaking, and this is the fucking result.

At some point the DR as a nation gotta unlearn this colorist, blatant hatred of their own heritage, man.

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thoughts on random topics

1.TH(Tokio Hotel)’s new song “Run,Run,Run”: to be very honest, I’m actually on the fence with this song. I’m just not sure about it.hopefully the other songs are good.*crosses fingers*
2.Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: this is definitely a staged one(or at least 98.9% of it lol).Although he’s not the usual guys I like but Lil Fizz though…he’s fine I will definitely say that. And out of all people they chose to add Yung Berg to the cast?!
3.BTS’s new album: personally I like the new album especially the songs danger,what am I to you and war of hormone.Never given them a chance but I will definitely give them a chance.
4.Work: has been going well and I’ve actually made quite a few acquaintances that could turn into friendships definitely(don’t like to throw the friend word too early lol).But some people here really need to learn a thing or two about knowing who,when and where to pick fights at(or rather don’t be so ready to start fights over the littlest thing)and also since starting work I’ve come to abhor both hot 97 and power 105.1 equally lol.
5.Roosevelt Field Mall:
6.Hot Topic: Not only am I going to get a 1D(one direction) tee but also a 5 seconds of summer(I’m getting into them ^_^) as well.I sincerely hope hot topic has slipknot tees
7.Harry Potter(Japanese edition): this will be my Christmas present.I know I’m saying this mad early but this will be the ultimate in my Japanese literature library lol.Still have been trying to get my hands on hikari genji he(光GENJIへ).

Some of my 10 favorite j-pop songs so far for 2014( I got a k-pop list coming up too lol)

1.Another Future-Kis-my-Ft2(I’ve been listening to this song for literally like the entire weekend. I just love the song ^_^)
2.Road to Glory-Arashi
4.リュウコウセカイ-Ali Project
6.Shout it out-BoA
9.Forever-Hey Say Jump!
10.Ride with me-Hey Say Jump!

I’m mad tight right now.So yeah while I’m chilling on one of my few days off and whatever I see one of my former co-workers and she ends up sitting next to me talking and what not.But when she gets up to leave, I end up smelling straight up fish coming from her seat yo. Like no mam’ that is NG(no good).

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