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So um yeah the job has been calling me trying to get me to work on my days off(which happens to be days where i have to be at school). Yesterday since i didn’t have to go to class i told them no i will not work on my days off since i do have school work to finish(and plus i needed some chill time for myself.Between school and work i don’t have much me time) i stayed home and watched all my English and Spanish trash television,did my school work and ate ice cream.

But i do want to know where does particularly Maury and Bill Cunningham find their guests? Seriously those 2 shows have the worst guests on daytime television.

The men in the Mankind guys are perfect.Like seriously where do the people who do the casting calls for Kenneth Cole,especially Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger find these men at because when I see guys like that I actually have a slight interest in men.The men the casting people choose for those 3 designers are always so fine.

Now if there was a way to switch them with the trash I deal with now I could actually see myself actually dating.okay maybe lol

…on side note the past 2 Jerry Springer shows(I’ve been able to catch the show lol) have been too freaking hysterical looool(on side note, hunter the dude that was on the 3rd story on today’s episode was pretty hot.Still a douchebag though for doing what he did.Latron though..LMFAO!)

work rant(don’t mind me I am just beyond irritated at some things)

So I went to work as usual today and from the jump(meaning when I started work), some A-hole decides to mess with me because I had a Dallas Cowboy hoodie on(note:I know nothing about football but the hoodie is pretty big and as a tomboy this hoodie is perfect.Also my job is casual-wear but hats are not allowed for some odd reason) and tried to make it something way more than what it was.So 2 hours past and I go outside to buy some food and the same idiot(he was outside too)decides he wants to be nice and say hello.You know what I did? gave him a dark look and kept it moving.

another thing..Some people at my job need to relearn how to read English because um..words mean things *crissle voice*.On my first day,some girl decided to blantantly eat her food near the computer when there is a sign by the computer desk that clearly states you’re not allowed to eat or drink near it under no circumstances.So the manager caught her and he went in(personally I would of sent her home for the day as she clearly doesn’t seem to have a grasp on rules) on her and her response: “are you serious?”.Like really though?


Official confirmed update.
475 On Board
6 Dead (3 male student, 2 female students, 1 female crew member)
179 Rescued
290 Unaccounted/Missing

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