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just came back from bookoff and I must say..I’m quite impressed by Bookoff(especially with their 1.00 Japanese books.i bought 2 Japanese books and took every Japanese paper I could lol).The only downside to my visit was when I told the guy who rang my order up I like the Japanese selection here, this black chick who worked there gave me a funny look so I gave her a “don’t even say a word” look.Stayed there for a couple hours and read a couple Japanese books(and yes they have a good English selection of books)

Not even going to lie but the Japanese newspapers are quite big.




my people


your people

Trujillo really fucked the cultural identity of the DR up. Like completely and thoroughly.

How you got two countries on the same fucking island, both descended from enslaved Africans, one is Francophone, the other Spanish and Taino speaking, and this is the fucking result.

At some point the DR as a nation gotta unlearn this colorist, blatant hatred of their own heritage, man.

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